Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu The Amity Affliction

Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu The Amity Affliction

Naviri.Org - The Amity Affliction adalah grup musik asal Australia, yang berdiri pada 2003 di Gympie, Queensland, Australia. Grup musik yang mengusung genre metalcore ini beranggotakan Joel Birch, Ahren Stringer, Dan Brown, dan Ryan Burt.

Berikut ini daftar lengkap album dan lagu-lagu The Amity Affliction. Daftar berikut ini meliputi lagu-lagu yang terkumpul dalam album, maupun lagu-lagu yang ada di luar album. Di waktu mendatang, bisa jadi akan ada perubahan/tambahan dalam daftar ini, khususnya jika musisi bersangkutan merilis album/lagu baru.

Daftar lengkap album dan judul lagu The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction (2005)
Cornerstone Of Misery
Empires Laid Waste
Black And Collapsed

High Hopes (2007)
I Heart Throbsy
RIP Steggy
Straight Up
Dong Wayne
Cut It Out

Severed Ties (2008)
I Heart Roberts'
Snitches Get Stitches
Do You Party?
Poison Pen Letters
Fruity Lexia
Jesse Intense
The Blair Snitch Project
Love Is A Battlefield

Youngbloods (2010)
I Hate Hartley
H.M.A.S Look Back
Fire Or Knife
Dr. Thunder
Olde English 800
No Sleep 'Til Brisbane
R.I.P. Foghorn
Fuck The Yankees
15 Pieces Of Flare [Bonus Track]
Snicklefritz [Bonus Track]

Chasing Ghosts (2012)
Chasing Ghosts
Life Underground
R.I.P. Bon
Open Letter
Greens Avenue
I Heart H.C.
Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice
Geof Sux 666
Bondi St. Blues
Too Legit To Quit [iTunes Bonus Track]

Let The Ocean Take Me (2014)
Lost & Fading
Don't Lean On Me
The Weigh Down
Never Alone
Death's Hand
My Father's Son
Forest Fire
Give It All
Skeletons [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]
Farewell [Deluxe Edition Bonus Track]

This Could Be Heartbreak (2016)
I Bring The Weather With Me
This Could Be Heartbreak
Tearing Me Apart
All Fucked Up
Fight My Regret
Some Friends
Note To Self
Blood In My Mouth

Lagu-lagu di luar album:
A Sleepless Winter [from "State of Affairs" 5-way split]
All Messed Up
Can't Feel My Face [from "Punk Goes Pop Vol. 7" compilation]
Cave In
Shine On

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