Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu Andrew Gold

Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu Andrew Gold

Naviri.Org - Andrew Gold adalah penyanyi, penulis lagu, dan musisi asal Amerika. Ia lahir pada 3 Juni 1951 di Burbank, California, dengan nama Andrew Maurice Gold. Dalam industri musik, ia dikenal membawakan genre musik pop, pop rock, dan soft rock. Andrew Gold meninggal dunia pada 3 Juni 2011 di Los Angeles, California.

Berikut ini daftar lengkap album dan lagu-lagu Andrew Gold. Daftar berikut ini meliputi lagu-lagu yang terkumpul dalam album, maupun lagu-lagu yang ada di luar album. Di waktu mendatang, bisa jadi akan ada perubahan/tambahan dalam daftar ini, khususnya jika musisi bersangkutan merilis album/lagu baru.

Daftar lengkap album dan judul lagu Andrew Gold

Andrew Gold (1975)
That's Why I Love You
Heartaches In Heartaches
Ten Years Behind Me

What's Wrong With This Picture? (1976)
Hope You Feel Good
Learning The Game
Angel Woman
Lonely Boy
Go Back Home Again
One Of Them Is Me

All This And Heaven Too (1978)
How Can This Be Love
Oh Urania (Take Me Away)
Still You Linger On
Never Let Her Slip Away
Always For You
Thank You For Being A Friend
Looking For My Love

Whirlwind (1980)
Sooner Or Later
Stranded On The Edge

...Since 1951 (1996)
Can Anybody See You

Halloween Howls (1996)
It Must Be Halloween
The Monster Mash
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Trick Or Treat
The Addams Family
Gimme A Smile (The Pumpkin Song)
Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween)
The Creature From The Tub
Witches, Witches, Witches
In Our Haunted House

The Spence Manor Suite (2000)
Never Hold A Candle To Love
Love Made Me Do It
Sorry To Let You Down
Forever I Do
The Hurtin' Kind
Nowhere Now

Copy Cat (2008)
Lonely Boy
All I've Got To Do
Never Let Her Slip Away
Got To Get You Into My Life
Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Thank You For Being A Friend

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