Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu Hoodie Allen

Daftar Album dan Judul Lagu Hoodie Allen

Naviri.Org - Hoodie Allen adalah penyanyi, penulis lagu, dan rapper asal Amerika. Ia lahir pada 9 Agustus 1988 di Long Island, New York, dengan nama Steven Adam Markowitz. Di dunia musik, dia mengusung genre hip hop, alternative hip hop, hipster hop, underground hip hop, dan pop rap.

Berikut ini daftar lengkap album dan lagu-lagu Hoodie Allen. Daftar berikut ini meliputi lagu-lagu yang terkumpul dalam album, maupun lagu-lagu yang ada di luar album. Di waktu mendatang, bisa jadi akan ada perubahan/tambahan dalam daftar ini, khususnya jika musisi bersangkutan merilis album/lagu baru.

Daftar lengkap album dan judul lagu Hoodie Allen 

Making Waves (2009)
Don't Look Down
Chasing My Dream
Turn The City Around
Making Waves
Figure It Out
Day Dreamin'
Friend Zone
Eddie Haskell
Passing Me By In '09
Look Up

Pep Rally (2010)
Look At What We Started
Swimming With Sharks
Tighten Up
January Jones
You Are Not A Robot
Party At The Beach House
So Much Closer
Words Of Wisdom
Joy And Misery
Get It Big Time

Leap Year (2011)
Song For An Actress
Can't Hold Me Down
The Chase Is On
James Franco
You're Welcome
Soul On Fire
Every Time You Go
Push You Away
Sticks And Stones
Flipping Out
Dreams Up
Moon Bounce

All American (2012)
Lucky Man
No Interruption
Eighteen Cool
Top Of The World
No Faith In Brooklyn
Small Town
High Again
Ain't Gotta Work

Crew Cuts (2013)
Let Me Be Me
Fame Is For Assholes
Good Intentions
Cake Boy
Long Night
Two Lips
Heart To Heart
Wave Goodbye
Where Do We Go Now

People Keep Talking (2014)
100 Percent Of Something
People Keep Talking
Won't Mind
All About It
Dumb For You
Act My Age
Get It On The Low
Show Me What You're Made Of
The Real Thing
Against Me
Marlie's Song [Best Buy Bonus Track]

Happy Camper (2016)
Intro To Anxiety
Are U Having Any Fun?
Remind Me Of
So Close To Happiness
Too Invested
Surprise Party
Make You Feel
Champagne And Pools
25th Hour
King To Me

Lagu-lagu di luar album:
Feel The Love
Hey Now
Let It All Work Out
Long Island Iced Tea
Make It Home
Nolan Ryan
Same As Before [from "Americoustic" EP]
The Moment

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