Daftar Lengkap Buku/Novel Karya James Patterson (Bagian 2)

Uraian ini adalah lanjutan uraian sebelumnya (Daftar Lengkap Buku/Novel Karya James Patterson - Bagian 1). Untuk mendapatkan pemahaman yang lebih baik dan urutan lebih lengkap, sebaiknya bacalah uraian sebelumnya terlebih dulu.

David Shelley series

0.5. "Hunted" (2016), with Andrew Holmes
Revenge (2018), with Andrew Holmes

Caleb Rooney series

0.5. "Killer Chef" (2016), with Jeffrey J. Keyes
The Chef (2019), with Max DiLallo

Crazy House series

Crazy House (2017), with Gabrielle Charbonnet
Fall of Crazy House (2018), with Gabrielle Charbonnet

Instinct series

Murder Games, or Instinct (2017), with Howard Roughan
Killer Instinct (2019), with Howard Roughan
Steal (2022), with Howard Roughan

Billy Harney series

The Black Book (2017), with David Ellis
The Red Book (2021), with David Ellis
Escape (2022), with David Ellis

Rory Yates series

Texas Ranger (2018), with Andrew Bourelle
Texas Outlaw (2020), with Andrew Bourelle

Amy Cornwall series

Out of Sight or The Cornwalls are gone (2019), with Brendan DuBois 
Countdown (2023), with Brendan DuBois 


The Thomas Berryman Number (1976)
Season of the Machete (1977) 
See How They Run, or The Jericho Commandment (1979) 
Virgin, or Cradle and All (1980) 
Black Market, or Black Friday (1986) 
The Midnight Club (1989) 
Hide and Seek (1996) 
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (2001) 
The Beach House (2002) 
The Jester (2003), with Andrew Gross 
Sam's Letters to Jennifer (2004) 
Lifeguard (2005), with Andrew Gross 
Beach Road (2006), with Peter de Jonge 
Judge and Jury (2006), with Andrew Gross 
The Quickie (2007), with Michael Ledwidge 
You've Been Warned (2007), with Howard Roughan
Sail (2008), with Howard Roughan
Sundays at Tiffany's (2008), with Gabrielle Charbonnet
Swimsuit (2009), with Maxine Paetro
Don't Blink (2010), with Howard Roughan
The Postcard Killers (2010), with Liza Marklund
Bloody Valentine (2011), with K.A. John
Kill Me If You Can (2011), with Marshall Karp
Now You See Her (2011), with Michael Ledwidge
The Christmas Wedding (2011), with Richard DiLallo
Toys (2011), with Neil McMahon
Guilty Wives (2012), with David Ellis
Mistress (2013), with David Ellis
The Murder House (2015), with David Ellis
Truth or Die (2015), with Howard Roughan
Woman of God (2016), with Maxine Paetro
Black Dress Affair (2017), with Susan DiLallo
Expelled (2017), with Emily Raymond
The Store (2017), with Richard DiLallo
Juror No. 3, or Juror #3 (2018), with Nancy Allen
The 13-Minute Murder (2018), with Shan Serafin
The First Lady (2018), with Brendan DuBois
The President Is Missing (2018), with Bill Clinton
The Cornwalls Are Gone (2019), with Brendan DuBois
The Inn (2019), with Candice Fox
The Warning (2019), with Robison Wells
Lost (2020), with James O. Born
The Summer House (2020), with Brendan DuBois
1st Case (2020), with Chris Tebbetts
Cajun Justice (2020), with Tucker Axum
The Coast-to-Coast Murders (2020), with J. D. Barker
The Midwife Murders (2020), with Richard DiLallo
Three Women Disappear (2020), with Shan Serafin
The President's Daughter (2021), with Bill Clinton
The Shadow (2021), with Brian Sitts
The Noise: A Thriller (2021), with J. D. Barker
2 Sisters Detective Agency (2021), with Candice Fox
Run, Rose, Run (2022), with Dolly Parton
Death of the Black Widow (2022), with J. D. Barker
Blowback (2022), with Brendan DuBois

  • Triple Threat (2016), with Max DiLallo and Andrew Bourelle, collection of 3 novellas: "Cross Kill" (Alex Cross series), "Zoo 2" (Zoo series #1.5), "The Pretender"
  • Kill or Be Killed (2016), with Maxine Paetro, Emily Raymond, Rees Jones and Shan Serafin, collection of 4 novellas: "The Trial" (Women's Murder Club series #15.5), "Little Black Dress", "Heist", "The Women's War"
  • The Moores are Missing (2017), with Loren D. Estleman, Sam Hawken and Ed Chatterton, collection of 3 novellas: "The Moores are Missing", "The Housewife", "Absolute Zero"
  • The Moores Are Missing (2017), with Loren D. Estleman and Lee Stone, collection of 3 novellas: "The Moores are Missing", "Kill and Tell", "Dead Heat"
  • Two From the Heart (2017), with Emily Raymond, Frank Constantini and Brian Sitts, collection of 2 novellas: "Tell Me Your Best Story", "The Lifesaver"
  • The Family Lawyer (2017), with Robert Rotstein, Christopher Charles and Rachel Howzell Hall, collection of 3 novellas: "The Family Lawyer", "Night Sniper", "The Good Sister"
  • Triple Homicide (2017), with Maxine Paetro and James O. Born, collection of 3 novellas: "Detective Cross" (Alex Cross series), "The Medical Examiner" (Women's Murder Club series #16.5), "Manhunt" (Michael Bennett series #10.5)
  • Murder in Paradise (2018), with Doug Allyn, Connor Hyde and Duane Swierczynski, collection of 3 novellas: "The Lawyer Lifeguard", "The Doctor's Plot", "The Shut-In"
  • The House Next Door (2019), with Susan DiLallo, Max DiLallo and Tim Arnold, New York: Grand Central Publishing ISBN 978-1538730805, collection of 3 novellas: "The House Next Door", "The Killer's Wife", "We. Are. Not. Alone"

Jon Roscoe Thriller series:

"The Hostage" (2016), with Robert Gold
"The Verdict" (2016), with Robert Gold
"Kidnapped" (2016), with Robert Gold

Detective Luc Moncrief series:

"French Kiss" (2016), with Richard DiLallo
"The Christmas Mystery" (2016), with Richard DiLallo
"French Twist" (2017), with Richard DiLallo

Owen Taylor series:

"The End" (2017), with Brendan DuBois
"After the End" (2017), with Brendan DuBois

Mitchum series:

"Hidden" (2017), with James O. Born
"Malicious" (2017), with James O. Born
"Malevolent" (2020), with James O. Born
Omnibus: The River Murders (2020), with James O. Born

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